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Unlocking The Importance of Silver

Silver is a precious metal used for jewelry, coins, bullion, flatware, cars, solar technology, water purification, electronics, and much more. It has a soft and gleaming appearance and is mined from the Earth’s crust. Known as one of the most useful metals, it has been long utilized in many different things. Due to the elegant look that comes with a luminous shine, silver has always been high in demand. It is a vital component in photovoltaic cells used in solar panels. Not only that, it is also used in high-value utensils, tableware, and other decorative items. Its elegance, robustness, and adaptability have made it prized for centuries.

What We Buy

We are the experts in purchasing your silver assets. We buy all types of silver jewelry, coins, bullion, and flatware in any condition and offer fair prices in return. We can help you turn your unwanted silver into cash, no matter what type it is. We buy:


Silver’s shiny appearance makes it a popular material for jewelry. It gives necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings a hint of refinement and sophistication. We are ready to buy your prized silver jewelry no matter the number of times it has been used and what condition it is in.

Coins and Bullion

Throughout history, silver has been used as money. As an investment asset, it is still valuable today. Silver coins and bullion are popular investments for long-term use or as a hedge against inflation. Coins made of silver are the most common asset that many people buy. Sell your coins to us and get a fair price in return.


We are the professional of silver flatware purchasers. Silver flatwares are highly prized and are worth selling. They hold a significant value due to their functional use while eating and they improve the dining experience. Your set of silver forks, knives, and spoons is ready to be valued by us!

Why Should You Sell Your Silver Assets To Us?

Our company, Northeast Metal Reclaiming, buys silver and specializes in silver reclaim. We are well-known and trustworthy, providing excellent services for purchasing and reclaiming silver. Here, we ensure maximum recovery of your precious silver metals through our reclaiming processes. We offer fair prices for your silver items with our expertise. With our specialization in silver reclaiming, we can help you reclaim your valuable silvers from your silver jewelry, coins, and flatware and turn them into cash.
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Making more money and utilizing the silver’s value can both be accomplished by selling your silver goods to us. You may find it wise to sell your silver jewelry, coins, or flatware you no longer need or use. Positive environmental effects can also result from selling your silver. One way to increase the sustainable use of resources is to recycle and reuse silver. Since silver may be melted down and used again, less mining will be required
Items manufactured from silver are worth a lot of money. With our premium reclaiming services, we will provide you with the best rates in return for your outdated and unwanted silver items. Whether you need money, or you just don’t find your old-fashioned silver items fascinating anymore, sell them to us! We assure you that our prices will be the fairest of all! Our top-rated company will buy silver from you and pay you on the same day. Our unbeatable prices will knock you down with a feather! Don’t wait for another second and give us a call!

What You Need To Know About Silver Reclaiming

It is important to reclaim silver for many reasons. Reclaiming silver aids in the sustainable management of resources. When recycled, silver maintains its quality as a valuable metal. There won’t be as much need for new silver mining if silver is reclaimed from different sources including jewelry or coins. Silver reclamation contributes to a decrease in waste and landfill buildup as well. To extract silver from various materials and purify it, we use specialized techniques. Our team will provide you with the highest quality of reclaiming services using state-of-the-art machinery.

Whether you have an investment in silver coins, have old-fashioned jewelry, or want to get rid of those musty designs of silver flatware, we possess all the required skills and modern tools and equipment to extract the silver from your assets. During the process, no damage will occur to your precious silvers. This is our guarantee! Our team of highly skilled and trained employees will leave you surprised with their stellar reclaiming services. When people need to sell silver at the best price, Northeast Metal Reclaiming is their only choice. We are located in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Silver is definitely worth selling! It is a great form of asset whether it is in any type i.e.coins or jewelry.
Silver goes through an extensive process to be reclaimed which includes assessment, sorting and shredding, chemical treatment, and melting.
Sterling silver is most commonly used in jewelry due to its lustrous appearance.
Reclaiming silver minimizes the environmental impact of mining and increases the sustainable use of resources.