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We Buy Platinum

Platinum is a highly used metal, that is used in almost every industry. But it is rarely produced as its annual production is approximately 6.7 million ounces as of 2023 and that shows its limited supply availability every year. It has a very high economic value as its one ounce is estimated at around $1000. Due to its rare availability, reclaiming it is extremely beneficial. This is why people look to reclaim it but finding a reliable reclaimer and buyer that provides fair prices of their platinum is another challenge. But with Northeast Metal Reclaiming in the town, you need not worry. As your premium metal reclaimer, we are here to offer reliable services.

We have been in the market for years now and offer high-quality and professional buying and reclaiming services to the locals. Our experts are equipped with the appropriate tools and expertise and using that provides the right estimates of your precious platinum. You get your payments most proficiently and professionally.

We serve the states of Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

What We Buy in Platinum

Platinum comes in various types, forms, and qualities. We at Northeast Metal Reclaiming buy all your platinum items. With us, you get the benefit of fair rates that too in the quickest time. Whether you want to sell your medical platinum materials, jewelry, bars, coins, or anything else made up of platinum, we are your go-to buyers. Our years of experience and work ethic have earned us a unique name in the reclaiming industry. We have been operational for four decades and since our inception have been ruling the industry with our smooth and seamless buying methods. You can contact us to sell the following platinum materials:

  • Platinum jewelry
  • Platinum bars
  • Platinum scrap
  • Dental platinum
  • Medical platinum
  • Platinum coins
  • Industrial platinum

Why Platinum is So Significant

Platinum is a versatile material and has a wide range of uses in almost every industry. Some of the most magnificent industries where it is used are:
  • It is used in catalytic converters in industries all over the world. It is said to be its single most, most important use.
  • It is used as a phenomenal catalyst in the chemical industry during the production of highly hazardous acids like nitric acid and sulfuric acid.
  • It has a very pleasing white color and is extremely durable, making it resistant to tarnishing and a perfect choice for high-end jewelry.
  • Platinum is corrosion-free and has a great electrical conductivity value, this makes it a remarkable choice for manufacturing various electrical devices.
  •  It is also a great choice in the medical industry due to its corrosion resistance as it is used in various medical devices including pacemakers and stents. It is also combined with other metals for the manufacturing of dental fillings and implants.

These are platinum’s few industrial uses, it is also used in the making of surgical instruments, textile industry, and glass production as well.

Why Professional Platinum Reclaiming is Beneficial

Hiring professionals for platinum reclaiming is extremely beneficial. Following are some of the benefits you get by hiring pros:

Precise Assessment

Experts have years of experience and high-end tools using which they can precisely assess the accurate value of scrap platinum. This is how they offer the right pricing and accurate approximations.

Handles Everything Safely

Platinum can be present in various combinations with other materials and some of them are utterly hazardous. Expert reclaimers are trained and can handle them with extra care by complying with all the safety protocols.

Adheres to Environmental Regulations

Experienced and established reclaimers understand the environmental constraints of platinum-containing materials. They adhere to all the environmental regulations and use methodologies to minimize environmental and waste impacts. Nonprofessionals conversely don’t have expertise in dealing with these hazardous materials and can end up posing environmental risks.

In-depth Knowledge and Market Connections

Professionals have in-depth knowledge of the field and are deeply rooted in the market. They are well-updated with the market prices and provide fair prices for their belongings. If you do it by yourself you might end up failing to navigate the complexities of the market.

Employing professional reclaimers like Northeast Metal Reclaiming will help you get the perfect rate for your scrap platinum. We ensure the safe handling of platinum and contribute to a sustainable and green future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Extracting platinum from its ores is certainly a time-consuming and tough operation. It is a complex process and requires budget and labor for its completion.
Platinum is denser and more durable than gold which makes it harder than gold. Gold on the other hand is softer by nature.
Platinum has a high return value of 85% and it is therefore a safe investment.
Platinum can be easily resold. It can be resold in grams or ounces. The rate that you get is market-based and might fluctuate daily.
Platinum is highly versatile and resilient. It is corrosion-resistant and can withstand high pressures. These characteristics make it ideal for almost all industries.